Golf Grip Tips, Get a Grip on It?

Growing up I lived near a Golf course. My family played Golf there. Golf grip tips were fundamental lessons that I took for granted. I hit the ball everywhere except where it was supposed to go. I made every mistake in Golf. I landed in the rough. I was always off the Course and in the trees. I landed in the sand traps. I even landed in the lake. The worst part was I could not get out. I did not have any golf grip tips to help me. I needed Golf Lessons but I was ignorant.Then I saw how professionals played Golf on Television. I got lucky, late at night the only thing you could watch was on TV was Golf. The Professionals gave Golf grip tips and Golfing lessons free. I had that aha moment. These Golf professionals were the original Golfing Greats. I learned Golf grip tips and all the best golf lessons, from Sam Snead, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and the world’s best Golfers. My Golf game improved out of sight.I held the club correctly. I addressed the ball correctly and my drive was Golf perfect. I putted well. I played great chip shots. I could play my way out of any sand trap. My friends and fellow Golfers noticed how well I played. I kept improving and became an exceptional amateur Golfer. I exceeded my own expectations and my peers remarked; I was good enough to turn professional.Jokingly, they said that I must be getting Golf grip tips and Golf lessons from very expensive professionals. Laughingly, I would reply that I was lucky enough to get Golf lessons from Sam Snead, Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus, the best in the game.I showed them a simple method. This is for a right handed golfer and opposite for a left handed golfer. With your palms facing towards you. Slide the little finger of your right hand between the index and middle finger of the left hand, until they lock together. Lay the golf grip in the natural hollow formed in the center of your hands, in the crease where the base of your fingers meet. Clasp your hands together and grip your club with all ten fingers. You will find the grip is interlocking yet feels natural and flexible. My fellow golfers were very impressed.Today, you can spare yourself the angst and embarrassment I and my Golf peers went through. Find out how you can get the Golf lessons you desire from professionals just like I did. Learn more on how to cure all your bad Golf habits. Learn how to enjoy your Golf Game. Find out more about great Golf Lessons and Golf grip tips here in my resource box.

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